Greenhouse Gas

Carmeuse Brazil has completed a detailed analysis of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is in the process of becoming a member of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Programme, to make its emissions report public.

The initiative is the starting point in our efforts to reduce GHG emissions. Carmeuse Brazil has established a team to focus on reducing the emission of these gases and some examples of these efforts are the increased use of alternative fuels and new technologies to reduce, capture and even reuse CO2 emissions.


ISO 14.001

Carmeuse Brazil is committed to environmental conservation and, consequently, to the rational use of all natural resources, aiming at guaranteeing a healthy quality of life for the present and future generations. In order to show that and also to be in line with the best practices in the market, the company is working on the implementation of an Environmental Management System aiming at getting the ISO 14.001 certification. The project is in the final phase of implementation and the next major step is to be audited by an accredited external organisation.

Selo ISO 14001

Environment and the Community

In order to maintain a healthy environment for the neighboring communities and reduce the impacts to the environment, Carmeuse Brasil keeps strict controls in its productive processes. One of them is the implementation of an arboreal curtain in its productive unit, formed by various trees and bushes, which act as mitigating measures, bringing benefits such as climate mitigation, reduction of the levels of noise and visual pollution and also acting in the reduction of the levels of dust and odours emitted.