Key Considerations

Hydrated lime releases little exothermic heat when in contact with water, which makes it easy and safe to use in certain applications compared to quicklime, which has high calcium content.

It controls the minerals that cause hardness, such as calcium bicarbonate and calcium sulfate, preventing excessive scaling of the distribution pipe and the water from becoming corrosive. In addition, it is a source of calcium without having to deal with the heat caused by the reaction.

Your Benefits

Why use Carmeuse Brasil’s hydrated lime in water and wastewater treatment?

  • Reduces/eliminates suspended and dissolved contaminants and pathogen counts;
  • Controls the hardness of treated water, reducing distribution problems;
  • Decreases the frequency of pipe maintenance;
  • Neutralizes the acidity of water;
  • Removes phosphorus nutrients to prevent algae formation;
  • Removes heavy metals;
  • Reduces odors;
  • Dry biosolids.


Safety data sheet

SDS - Hydrated Lime.pdf
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