Key Considerations

Hydrated lime is used in iron and steel foundries in the cold drawing process as a lubricant and coating on the molds, in order to prevent sticking and provide temporary corrosion protection for the finished products. Castings can be difficult to remove from molds and hydrated lime aids in this process. Acidic environments can damage the surface of finished products and the neutralizing properties of hydrated lime can prevent damage.

Hydrated lime is also used in the treatment of water and industrial effluents in the steel industry. The product is one of the most effective reagents for acid neutralization and pH adjustment in water and wastewater treatment. These properties along with the presence of calcium help to remove a wide variety of contaminants from the water to improve the quality and keep the environment safe.

Your Benefits

Why use Carmeuse Brasil’s hydrated lime in steelmaking?

  • High neutralizing power for acidic residues;
  • Lubricating agent in the cold drawing process;
  • Protects the steel surface;
  • Controls the hardness of treated water, reducing distribution problems;
  • Decreases the frequency of pipe maintenance;
  • Neutralizes the acidity of water;
  • Removes heavy metals.

Safety data sheet

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