Safety First - We operate without accident through a well motivated, trained, educated and healthy workforce.

Local Relationship Management - We want to be recognized as a company operating in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders 

Local Partnership - We partner with local organizations for the betterment of our communities



Optimisation of Resources - We optimize our consumption of natural resources (stone, water, fossil fuels) 

Reduction of CO2 Footprint - We reduce our CO2 footprint and that of our customers

Promote Biodiversity and Respect Environment - We create and preserve biodiversity and respect the environment



Preferred Supplier - We are the preferred supplier, with products and services bringing the best benefit for the customers and for Carmeuse

Growing the Business - We continue to grow the business through strategic investments and joint ventures, while continuing to emphasize Carmeuse values

Circular Economy - We actively integrate the Circular Economy in our business model

area of focus

To take our vision one step further, by continuing to build on this to have a greater global impact, we have aligned our goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are an urgent call to action by all countries - developed and developing – for a concerted global partnership to be achieved by 2030.

Discover the SDGs Carmeuse considers it can contribute to.

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