Understanding Your Market Needs

Quicklime is traditionally used in pulp and paper mills to recover caustic soda. It is one of the most used inputs in the pulp and paper production process, which basically consists of transforming wood into a fibrous material known as pulp. Lime serves as a bleaching agent in pulp and paper production and treats wastewater from production.

In addition, the pulp and paper industry uses large amounts of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) in order to maximize the whiteness, opacity, and consistency of the paper. PCC production is complex and requires a special type of quicklime of differentiated quality. Variations in lime quality can result in production difficulties and changes in PCC particle size and geometry, causing production stoppages, waste and, consequently, major financial impacts.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Carmeuse Brasil supplies high-purity quicklime and different grain sizes to pulp and paper and PCC manufacturers, with consistent quality and reactivity suitable for this purpose. Our lime acts in the reduction of inefficient contaminants in the causticizing process, helping in filtration and generating greater productivity. In paper production, lime is also used in wastewater treatment and recycling, before they are reused or discarded.