Primary focus for the Carmeuse Foundation:
Our belief is that at-risk children will respond to positive interactions and will benefit from strong communities. We support programs or actions that leads to the educational, social and/or personal development of children. 

The purpose of Carmeuse Foundation:

  • Ensure a long-lasting and trusting partnership with sponsored organizations
  • Reinforce the human aspect of our company internally and externally
  • Develop a sense of pride among employees
  • Enhance our company values within our neighboring communities
  • Promote communication to create stronger bonds between our company and the community

For more information please contact:
North America: Helen Planchak - 412.995.5531

Through the work of the Foundation Selection Committee and all of the employee recommendations, we collaborate with the following organizations:

Local Chapters – Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Local Chapters - Boys and Girls Club

Local Chapters – All other organizations in North America

Carmeuse Foundation