Key Considerations

Neutramol provides advantages for the processes in which it is used, because it eliminates common problems that are common when using other alkalizing agents, such as recurrent maintenance of equipment and piping caused by clogging or corrosion; exposure of employees when handling chemical products, emission of powdered product particles into the air, which can cause damage to facilities and respiratory problems; occupation of useful space in the plant for storage or disposal of packaging; costs with mandatory licenses and management when using hazardous chemicals; energy consumption for stirring inhomogeneous solutions, among others.

Your Benefits

Why use Carmeuse Brasil’s Neutramol in mining?

  • High calcium content;
  • Low contaminant content;
  • Maintains proper pH of ore slurry;
  • Helps in pipeline transportation;
  • Product is ready for application;
  • Clean environment, as it eliminates dust.


Carmeuse Brazil has developed a mobile plant for the production of Neutramol which consists of a module equipped with a complete system for the production of calcium hydroxide in suspension. The whole installation project of the unit is carried out by a specialized team from Carmeuse Brazil after a technical diagnosis with the customer. 

In addition, the production unit is a module that can be easily installed, making it an economical and technically efficient solution for the production of Neutramol. An advanced technology that increases productivity for your business!

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