Key Considerations

Neutramol is an excellent product for agricultural activities. Whether for pH adjustment, removal or stabilization of contaminants, and pathogen elimination, NEUTRAMOL helps improve the quality of your production and is the most cost effective.


Your Benefits

Why use Neutramol in agricultural activities?

  • Neutralizes acidic soils;
  • Allows for improved root structure, ensuring healthier crops;
  • Increases nutrient availability;
  • Optimizes the action of fertilizers;
  • Protection of fruits from sun burn;
  • Easy application;
  • Better cost benefit;
  • Transported in tank trucks, sized according to the customer’s demand;
  • Product availability with guaranteed supply.


Carmeuse Brazil has developed a mobile plant for the production of Neutramol which consists of a module equipped with a complete system for the production of calcium hydroxide in suspension. The whole installation project of the unit is carried out by a specialized team from Carmeuse Brazil after a technical diagnosis with the customer. 

In addition, the production unit is a module that can be easily installed, making it an economical and technically efficient solution for the production of Neutramol. An advanced technology that increases productivity for your business!

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