Understanding Your Market Needs

Agriculture today is a complex business with a variety of needs. The use of lime in agricultural activities has led to great improvements in field activities. It helps increase crop productivity by correcting soil acidity, improving its porosity and permeability, and also acts as a nutrient, stimulating the action of organic substances added to the soil for fertilization and nutrition. Lime is also used in animal feed for better egg production results.

Solutions to Meet Your Needs

The crop you grow and your soil type pose unique challenges. Compacted soils hinder root growth, making it difficult for plants to thrive. In acidic soils, nutrients are less available to the plant’s root system, thus reducing the health of your crops. This reduced availability includes important soil minerals such as calcium and magnesium, limiting plant growth rates. Carmeuse Brasil offers a diversified line of calcined products with various grain sizes compatible with all agricultural applications.


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