Key Considerations

Carmeuse Brasil’s quicklime has a high purity content and is essential for regenerating caustic soda, besides serving as a bleaching agent and treating residual water from pulp production. Quicklime also helps pulp manufacturers dissolve non-cellulose elements from wood. It also plays a fundamental role in the production of PCC, a mineral additive that comes from the calcination and precipitation of quicklime, a product with a high brightness index and low density. 

Your Benefits

Why use Carmeuse Brasil’s quicklime in the production of paper, pulp and PCC?

  • High calcium oxide content;
  • High reactivity;
  • Low contaminant content;
  • High level of whiteness;
  • Reduces interruptions;
  • We meet your supply demands during preventive and unscheduled outages;
  • Improves the efficiency of the caustification process.

Safety data sheet

SDS - High Calcium Quicklime.pdf
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