Important Notice: If your message is not related to non-compliance concerns please contact us.

1. You can choose to use a web form or call a toll-free phone number and leave a message. For both procedures visit this website
In order to facilitate an actionable and effective review of your non-compliance concern, please include a detailed description of your concern (who, what, when, how) and supporting evidence (e.g. copies of documents, screenshots or names of witnesses) that can corroborate your report. Please note that general assertions cannot be investigated.

2. In both cases, you will receive an individual case number. Please note the number down and keep it safe.

3. This case number is your personal key to the Speak Up System and to the report you have filed. It allows you to track the progress of your case and to provide additional information. You will be asked to enter this number each time you access the system.

4. We take all non-compliance concerns seriously and will take the appropriate action on each report. We will keep you informed on our progress whilst processing your concern.

5. At anytime you can go back into the website, and track the progress of your case using your case number

Speak Up

What happens after I have sent my report?

1. Acknowledgement
Our Speak Up Officer will acknowledge receipt of your message within 7 working days. If your initial report does not include enough information / evidence, he will get in touch to ask you to provide more information / evidence.
You will receive an individual case number after filing your report. This number will allow you to track the progress of your report after logging into the Speak Up system. Please follow up your report into this website

2. Triage
Each report is reviewed carefully. We will open a case if your report includes minimum actionable information and evidence. The investigation will be led by our Speak Up Officer. 

3. Confidential investigation
The investigation will be professionally and confidentially handled– we will only involve people who need to be involved. Our Speak Up Officer may conduct confidential interviews with employees, contractors or anybody they feel is relevant to the investigation. As a general practice, it takes around 90 days for an investigation to be concluded and it is possible that a longer period for complex matters may be needed. In any event, timelines established by applicable laws and regulations will be applied and respected.

4. Decision and reply to you
After reviewing all the findings of our investigation, we will decide if a violation has occurred, and take action as appropriate. You will be informed accordingly.

Important Notice
Non-retaliation commitment: Carmeuse prohibits retaliation of any type against an employee, individual or entity and will take action accordingly. In addition, Carmeuse also protects the rights of the implicated persons.